AVESA Energy Balancing  $50  

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A great way to connect to your authentic self and begin to explore your own healing potential. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to face your day with love and joy! Sessions are approximately 30-45 minutes.

We believe all people deserve access to affordable care. Therefore, we offer sliding scale rates for all services. Please contact us to discuss these opportunities or if you have questions regarding any of our services. 

Stargate Healing, LLC

Counseling, Psychotherapy, & Cellular Release Therapy (tm)

​​​​​Counseling & Psychotherapy  $80

​Traditional and non-traditional methods are blended depending on each client's wishes and individual needs and goals. Sessions are typically 50-60 minutes for individuals and 75-90 minutes for couples and families. ​​

What we offer you

Cellular Release Therapy (tm)  $90

​​A comprehensive method for clearing traumatic memories and events without having to re-experience them. This method engages the client's sub-conscious mind to clear trauma and blocks to healing which reside in the cells of the body, as well as the energetic field.  Years, even lifetimes, of trauma can be cleared in a few sessions! Sessions are approximately 90-120 minutes and are appropriate for clients of any age. CRT can be done in person or anywhere in the world using FaceTime or Skype.